1. When is the last time you visited a friend? Why did you see him/her? (drop by)
l dropped by a friend for a social visit last month.Because it was his birthday.
++ drop by <a place>. You can use “drop by my friend’s place. Check the punctuation for “because”

2. Tell me about one of your previous teacher’s in school (former)
My former teacher  Lisa ,who is my favorite teacher,is kind and patient.
++ great!

3. Is there someone much better than you at an activity? (no match for)
l am no match for Kobe in basketball.
++ great!

4. Do you know any extremely talented people when they were young? (prodigy)
Mozart is a prodigy in music.
++ great!

5. What is one fee that you would like to not have to pay? (waive)
l would like to waive the fee buying drinks.
++ Is there a fee to buy drinks? That’s the cost. Pattern is “waive the fee for/to”

6. Give me an example of something that would be “icing on the cake”
l entered the basketball team and the coach gave me an basketball as a present.
++ good

7. l would like to be enrolled in Maths class.

++ good

8. COVID-19 made headlines recently.

++ good


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