Lesson 2 – Before Smartphones / A Master in the Making

Achieve 3000 Reading Class

Great work today! To prepare for next class, please review the vocabulary we learned, and also write a summary paragraph of the article. We are also going to read a new article. The Instructions are below:

New Vocabulary

We looked at some  new vocabulary and phrases today. Here are the notes of what we practiced in class: Before Smartphones Vocabulary Practice – 1080

    To practice the vocabulary, answer the questions below using the target words or phrases. Hit submit when you are done.

    1. What kinds of things get you upset? (tear my hair out)

    2. Are there any popular TV shows that people like to watch? (tune into)

    3. What disturbs an activity that you like to do? (interferes)

    4. Name someone who has promised to do something. (pledged)

    5. What are some activities that people should not do? (refrain)

    6. What would make someone shocked? (aghast)

    7. Name a type of technology that became popular (arrived on the scene)

    8. What are people in your city very interested in doing? (obsessed)

    9. Bonus: What are some things that overwhelm you? (overwhelm)

    10. Bonus: Have you every been caught up in doing anything before? (caught up in)

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    Writing practice – Summary

    Write a one or two paragraph summary of the article. Make sure you include the main ideas but do NOT copy full sentences. In your writing, try to use 2-3 new words or phrases that you learned. Paste and send your final answer below.

      NEW ARTICLE – A Master in the Making

      Finally, we are going to read a new article. It is called “A Master in the Making”. Read the article and then enter your answers below!

        Enter your answers below:








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