1. When is the last time you visited a friend? Why did you see him/her? (drop by)
i drop by at jake’s house on my way to the supermarket.

++ Pattern is dropped by <somewhere>

2. Tell me about one of your previous teacher’s in school (former)
Maggie is my former teacher.
++ good

3. Is there someone much better than you at an activity? (no match for)
I am no match for Koby brian.
++ good. Check spelling of his name.

4. Do you know any extremely talented people when they were young? (prodigy)
Mozart is a prodigy.
++ good

5. What is one fee that you would like to not have to pay? (waive)
Road tax.
++ Can you make this a sentence?

6. Give me an example of something that would be “icing on the cake”
I join the astronomy club.and my club is going to a campsite to watch stars.
++ the stars

7. I wat to enroll the astronomy class.
++ enroll + in <something>

8. The 5G-tech made headlines.

++ No need for “the”. Tech is non count. Just use “5G tech made headlines”

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