Master in the Making Vocab

Hi Sherlock. See the comments below:

1. When is the last time you visited a friend? Why did you see him/her? (drop by)
I dropped by and had a social visit when my friend invited me to his party.

++ I dropped by <place>

2. Tell me about one of your previous teacher’s in school (former)
Ms Liu is my former Chinese teacher.
++ Good
3. Is there someone much better than you at an activity? (no match for)
I am no match for my friend in playing basketball.
++ Good

4. Do you know any extremely talented people when they were young? (prodigy)
Mozart was a prodigy. He gived concert when he was young.
++ gived <– we don’t have this word. 

5. What is one fee that you would like to not have to pay? (waive)
I waived to pay  when the fee is under 1 yuan.
++ Pattern is: waive + fee. 

6. Give me an example of something that would be “icing on the cake”
The icing on the cake after I got high grade was my mother bought me a phone.
++ Use this pattern: <something> was the icing on the cake.

7. I would like to enroll  a basketball class some day.
++ Pattern is: enroll + in <something>

8. The virus become worse in the US is sure to make headlines.

++ Pattern is: <something> is sure to make headlines. Check your noun phrase.


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