Novel Study

Plot line

  1. Complete the chapter summary for chapters 49-52. Include KEY EVENTS for each chapter. CHAPTER SUMMARY
  2. Complete a Plot Line Diagram for the novel. Remember, there are many beginnings (Despereaux, Mig, Roscuro, Princess, etc) : Plot Line
  3. Sample Cinderella Plot line: PlotLineCinderella
  4. We will review the chapter questions next class also. Here is the file: 49-52 Qs


Chapters 48-52

1. Vocabulary: Complete the vocabulary worksheet, making a sentence using the new word.


2. Character chart: For each character, decide if they are light or dark. Write a supporting reason why you think so.

Character Light or Dark

3. Novel: Read Chapters 48-52 and complete the following questions:

49-52 Qs